About Us

Hey friend!

My name is Lauryn, the owner of Charli Rose & Co! My awesome, handsome hubby helps me tackle this CRAZZZY idea of mine! 

I will let you in on a little secret, he (Sam) thought I was crazy and that this "idea" would not make it far. To his defense, I have a new business idea every second of every day, so he probably thought I wouldn't follow through with a business plan!  I was a stay at home mom, and Sam was the sole contributor financially for our growing household! So this business DEFINITELY needed some thoughts and prayers! ... Even a little bit of extra money, and a creative space for me, would be so beneficial for our family! 

After MUCH convincing & research (I would consider persuasion an art for me, thanks Dad) and us selling our house to move from FL to NC... Sam said "ok" to Charli Rose & Co! 

Well girl, let me just tell you, that was 2017... AND here we are! We were able to bring Sam to work for Charli Rose too! We are so blessed that Charli Rose became more than a side hustle!  

I didn't know this when I first started Charli Rose, but what I really desired was a safe space that I could grow into the woman I am today. Charli Rose & Co has become more than an "idea," it has become a mission! I struggled (and still do) with my relationship with my body. AND, a HUGE part of that, was finding clothes and a style that I wasn't ashamed of! Styles and pieces that made me feel secure and confident! And that is EXACTLY who we are, and what we provide today! 

We are so blessed that you chose to join us, and we KNOW that this space will provide fun, laughter, and confidence building relationships for you! 

Stay Beautiful! 

Lauryn & Sam 

PS- Someday I will have an up to date picture ;)